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The Firm


"CONCERN-DIALOG" CJSC was established in 1998 as a company for provision of litigation and representation services mostly for individual clients. Starting 2002-2003, the Company developed services for corporate clients. Although it is a formal Corporation, it is perhaps the first company in Armenia that has implemented Partnership principles (non-formal) of decision making. In addition, the Company is completely employee owned. 


At present the Company provides services of both litigation / representation and legal advice. At the same time, we believe that specialization is crucial for providing high level services, and therefore we limit our major practice areas (see the list of our services).


As we work with different corporative clients, along with one time / order based services we provide monthly subscription services up to complete outsourcing of legal support of the business.


Parallel to general business (trade) legal advice, our specialists specialize in provision of services to Telecommunication and Energetics sector companies, and we are planning to develop Mining in the near future.


We believe that constant training and active scientific / publishing involvement is crucial for development of professional, so we encourage our specialists to be active in the mentioned field. We also cooperate with the best specialists and other law firms on the market (project based approach) in case our Clients need special knowledge in areas we are not specializing, so the Clients do not have to contact several consultants / companies.


As mentioned above, we continue to provide litigation / representation services in Armenian courts and during arbitration, and litigation practice is still one of major practice areas of the Company.


Besides general business law, we specialize in the regulation (including telecommunications law) and legal issues of energetics (including tariff regulations).


The Staff

“Concern-Dialog” lawyers are chosen according to their compliance to the following criteria:

  • High professionalism and international experience,
  • Diligent, punctual, and flexible work-style,
  • Ability to suggest fast and efficiently solutions to non-standard legal issues.  

The legal services are provided in Armenian, English, Russian, French.


“Concern-Dialog” is a member in American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham) since 2009,  TAGLaw Alliance of Independent Law Firms since 2010, and German Business Association in Southern Caucasus (DWV) since 2015.


The Mission of this Website

This website aims at two primary outcomes. In a wider perspective it intends to provide the interested parties, as well as the public, with information on the legislative alterations, innovations, controversial draft laws in Armenia. It also offers extensive comments and suggestions on various controversial issues by our attorneys and partners.

In a narrower perspective, this website’s mission is to represent the legal services offered by “Concern-Dialog” law firm and the attorneys who carry out these services, as well as their professional and scientific activity and accomplishments.