The TAGLaw global alliance of independent law firms was founded in 1998. The network today ranks among the five largest legal alliances in the world. Exclusively highly-respected, value-driven law firms with the in-depth local market knowledge and expertise are TAGLaw members. Members are chosen based on a detailed examination of the scope of professional services, quality of the clients' service, and on recommendations from existing members. TAGLaw firms commit to the highest standards of clients service regarding responsiveness,  ethics, conflicts, billing, and a series of other international criteria.

Concern-Dialog is the first and only company in the region, which is a member of TAGLaw.

As a full member of TAGLaw Concern-Dialog has provided services to its client in France, England, Spain, Cyprus, several states of the USA since 2010 and continues to expand the geographical scope of its activities.

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Nextlaw Global Referral Network (by Dentons), founded in 2016 by one of the largest global legal companies, Dentons, is the largest and most innovative network in the world.  Over 650 leading companies representing more than 200 jurisdictions are involved in the network. Nextlaw enables its member law firms and their clients to enjoy integrated benefits of the legal network contacting the client with the best specialists of the field and region, introducing a unique algorithm and precise mechanism for members election. In essence, the only criterion is proved quality, and the only motivation is to serve clients better.

Concern-Dialog has been a member of the network since 2017 being elected as a company guided by high professional values which have extensive experience in the local market and earns the trust of its client.

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IsFin, the consultants on Islamic markets organization, is a world-renowned platform for the companies which are specialized in providing investments from and to the Islamic World bridging the West and East in commercial projects.

IsFin involves representatives of more than 75 countries which give fully locally-specific and comprehensive advice without any geographic limitations. Numerous markets and investment fields are within the scope of the network's activities, e.g. taxes, financing of large infrastructural projects, financial and banking sector, lease, legal advise on loans, etc.

Within this framework, the Concern Dialog law firm serves as a link between emerging markets and Gulf states providing inclusive consultations in the course of implementation of major projects.

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham) is one of the leading business association in our country. Totally independent and self-financed business association involves about 120 members from almost all business segments. AmCham was established in 2000 and has been closely cooperating with the American Embassy in Armenia as well as other diplomatic missions. AmCham represents its members’ business interests in Armenia to the Armenian government, international organizations and to the wider business community of Armenia, encourages the formation of the competitive, transparent, free, and fair business environment as well as the strengthening of the USA and RA business relations.

AmCham acts as an advocate representing the interests of its members in the taxes and customs fields.

AmCham provides an excellent source of information about Armenian business life by publishing the only English-language business magazine in Armenia.

It is already 10 years that Concern-Dialog has been actively involved in the association’s affairs and is allowed to raise the systemic problems of its clients in the relations with state bodies through this platform.

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The goal of the partner of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Germany, German Business Association (GBA), is to stimulate the development of Armenian-German bilateral economic ties. On the same time, it is an excellent platform for the Armenian companies to establish contacts with German enterprises and develop and expand cooperative relations. At present, the Association has more than 60 member companies, mainly the economic and political bodies of Armenia and Germany. The Concern-Dialog Law Firm as a company providing integrated legal consultations has its specific place among them.

The Association is not only an organization representing the interest of its members but it also provides services to the enterprises functioning in Armenia and Georgia. Within reasonable terms, GBA provides its members with brief market surveys free of charge.

Through GBA membership Concern-Dialog gains access to numerous valuable market surveys and international partner relations. In addition, as a member of GBA, it is supported free of charge at applications to the consulates of Armenia, Georgia, and Germany may raise the systemic problems of its clients in relations with state bodies.

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Armenia (CCI FA) was founded in 2011 and is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry France International (CCI FI) network, which gathers more than 120 CCIs in 92 countries 

It works to promote the development of economic relations between France and Armenia, involve French companies in the Armenian economy, and make the potential of Armenian enterprises internationally recognizable. 

Members of the Chamber are able to be established and developed in other countries obtaining the CCI FA consulting services, in particular in the field of comprehensive market surveying, support on issues of proper positioning, localization, and proper distribution of salaries, as well as high quality legal and economic consultations.

Within the framework of cooperation with CCI FA the Concern Dialog law firm provides legal advice to the organizations applied to the association as well as takes the opportunity to represent its clients’ interests in relations with the state.

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Armenian-British Business Chamber helps British and Armenian companies to establish business relations, develop cooperation in various fields. The Chamber support them offering a wide range of services from the organization of courses and events to market surveying, primary legal consulting, special business analysis, and other related services.

The member companies of the Chamber are remarkable for their innovative approach to all projects and constant ambitions to have an international outlook.

The Chamber has also partnered with such large corporations and international organisations who either once or continuously want to take a bigger role in promoting bilateral trade relations between the UK and Armenia.

The «Concern-Dialog» Law Firm significantly strengthen its role and awareness in international sphere providing high quality legal consulting to the partner organizations of the Armenian-British Business Chamber, in particular within the framework of Armenian-British business circles. Thanks to the cooperation with the Armenian-British Business Chamber Concern Dialog represents its clients’ interests in relations with the state bodies and officials within the lobbying activities.

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The International Chamber of Commerce was established in France in 1919 with the purpose of promoting the development of international trade, effective business management, the cooperation of the business sphere. It unites thousands of companies and organizations representing various fields in about 130 countries of the World, closely cooperates with international structures as UN, World Bank, EBRD, and plays an important role in the development of business environment and protection of business interests. Through ICC membership the companies participate in the formation of international trade rules and investment policies.

The Armenian National Committee of ICC has officially acted since May 2018. The “Concern-Dialog” Law Firm is a founding member of the Armenian National Committee of ICC and the Senior Partner of the Firm Attorney Aram Orbelyan is a member of the Arbitration Tribunal of ICC.

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