Advancement of current Labor legislation and law enforcement practice, the significant accountability against Labor law violations, as well as the competition in the labor market urge the employers to pay more attention to fulfilling of Labor legislation requirements and HR documents formation. This factor positively impacts the development of the company in a legally competent way and increases its business reputation.

The Labor law violation may entail administrative accountability as a result of State Labor Inspectorate inspection and in some cases even court dispute. For instance, the employer may be fined at the rate of fiftyfold of minimum salary wage, that is AMD 50 000, for each case of employment without a relevant employment contract – i.e. without a contract that meets the employment requirements of the Labor Code of RA (for each unregistered employee) (Code of Administrative Violations of RA, Article 169.5).

Highly competent in the peculiarities of the Labor law, “Concern-Dialog” law firm lawyers and attorneys are ready to represent both the employees’ and employers’ interests at any stage of labor relations.

We offer the following services in the sphere of Labor Law:

  • Legal consultancy on Labor law issues;
  • Legal audit of labor relations (legal due diligence);
  • Legal guidance in human resource services (legal support in HR management, formation of HR documentation and/or blanks in accordance with legislative requirements);
  • Implementation / support in implementation of HR automation systems (e-labor);
  • Representation during inspections and in related administrative proceedings, defense of rights and legitimate interests of companies and employees;
  • Negotiations on labor disputes and court representation.


We will cut down your resources through legally smart construction of your company labor system.