Since its establishment (1998) the law firm Concern-Dialog has been engaged in the defence of defendants under criminal cases and provision of services in the field of criminal law. Starting from 2010-2011 the firm specialises in the protection of the rights in white-collar crimes cases, and in representing clients in rather complicated cases (usually politically motivated ones).

Attorneys of Concern Dialog have extensive experience in protecting the rights of victims (misappropriation and theft in companies, violation of shareholders' rights by directors and managers, etc.). As a rule, the protection of clients' rights in these cases is carried out by combining civil lawsuits and other tools of rights protection - in addition to the support in the field of criminal law.

The “Concern-Dialog” law firm also has a successful experience in defence of clients in tax, customs, corruption, money laundering and financial and economic crimes as well as in complicated cases of general nature of public or political importance. In addition to the professional support itself the Company cooperates with organisations and specialists in public relations, media, acts as a spokesperson and provides full coverage of the case in Armenia and abroad to manage the image of a person and business.

The Company's specialists are aware of developments in RA legislation and practice, periodically publish articles and comparative legal analysis on criminal law and procedural legislation and practice of the RA, carry out research and participate in discussions on legislative reforms, are authors of legislative projects.

Attorneys of Concern Dialog also follow the development of international practice in the field of human rights protection closely and independently or together with partner organisations ensure the submission of applications and complaints to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the UN human rights bodies.

The Company provides the following services in the field of criminal law:

  • Protection (of the suspect and accused) in criminal cases:
    • explanation of the suspicion and accusation to the accused, and in case of its uncertainty filing of a respective petition with the body administering the proceedings,
    • study of the evidence in the case and assessing its admissibility, relevance and reliability in the light of the Criminal Procedure Code, the criteria of the Court of Cassation of the Republic of Armenia and ECHR,
    • development of a defensive strategy,
    • participation in interrogations,
    • involvement in other actions,
    • appeals against illegal and ungrounded actions and decisions of the body administering the proceedings as well as participation in the course of the hearings on the case,
    • protection of the defendants within the court proceedings and during the appeals.
  • Legal consultation:
    • to a victim - to assess the possibility of restoring his violated rights through criminal proceedings,
    • to a person acting as a witness in the criminal proceedings - to clarify his rights and obligations as well as to separate the questions for the witness from those for the suspect,
    • to a suspect or accused - to assess the grounds of the crime incriminated and to elect a defensive strategy on this basis.
  • Representation of a victim in pre-trial proceedings and trial:
    • preparation of a statement of crime,
    • protection of the rights of a person during the preparation of materials based on the statement of crime,
    • protection of the interests of the person during the preliminary investigation on a criminal case;
    • appealing the decisions on refusal to initiate a criminal case,
    • representation of the rights and legal interests of a victim at the stage of the trial of the case,
    • filing a civil action for the restoration of damage directly caused by the crime immediately after the initiation of criminal proceedings.
  • Protection of а witness' rights in pre-trial proceedings and trial:
    • legal support of a witness in criminal prosecution authorities of the Republic of Armenia as well as in court.
  • Appealing against all types of decisions and judicial acts subject to appeal:
    • appealing against all types of decisions subject to appeal in the course of pre-trial proceedings
    • appealing against the final judicial act of the Courts of general jurisdiction of the first instance (verdict) and the Criminal appellate court;
  • Support of corporate clients in the field of criminal law:
    • preparation of legal opinions and conclusions on issues of criminal law,
    • protection of the rights of a company in criminal proceedings (as a victim, an indirect defendant, etc.),
    • representation and consultation during investigative actions in companies (searches, seizures, etc.) and appeal against relevant decisions,
    • participation in internal investigations in companies, including on corrupt matters.