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About Litigation and Dispute Resolution
About Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Armenia has a three-tier system of courts of general jurisdiction, i.e. the courts of the first instance, the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation. In addition to the courts of general jurisdiction which hear civil, commercial, family and criminal cases, there are specialised bankruptcy and administrative courts in the Republic of Armenia.

In addition to the judicial dispute resolution, there are alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the Republic of Armenia. There is a Law on Commercial Arbitration in Armenia, which generally complies with the UNCITRAL Model Law. There are several permanently acting arbitration institutions in Armenia. Since 2014, mediation serves as another formal mechanism for dispute resolution in Armenia.

Litigation has been one of the primary services of Concern Dialog law firm since its establishment. The law firm has extensive experience in defending the clients’ interests in various courts and during alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. The law firm's attorneys represent the clients in more than 50 notable civil and commercial cases yearly, with a few hundred more straightforward ones.

Law firm’s partners Aram Orbelyan (Deputy Minister of Justice, 2012-2014) and Artur Hovhannisyan (First Deputy Minister of Justice, 2016-2019) lead and actively participated in drafting the new Civil Procedure Code (effective from April 2018), drafting and amending the Judicial Code, Administrative Procedure Code, the draft law of the Republic of Armenia on Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial Acts. The Company's partners contributed to the development of amendments to the Law on Commercial Arbitration as experts in 2015, by which the latter became fully compliant with the UNCITRAL Model Law.

Since 2020 a permanently functioning arbitration centre - Yerevan Arbitration Institute is operating by the firm.

The Company’s employees have authored numerous scientific, comparative legal and practical articles and manuals on civil and administrative process. Concern Dialog’s attorneys teach on various topics of civil litigation at the School of Advocates, the Chamber of Advocates and the Academy of Justice.

The law firm’s attorneys are known on the market for their participation in cases which require complex, non-standard, systemic solutions and knowledge of different areas and skills and often at first glance seemingly unsolvable ones (including transboundary ones). 

At the same time, our experienced attorneys are also retained for relatively simple, small cases in virtually all fields of law that require in-depth knowledge of applicable law and established court practice.

Our team is also experienced in representing the interests of clients in bankruptcy proceedings (including the use of various tools of bankruptcy proceedings, civil proceedings and criminal proceedings).

Over the years, Concern Dialog has developed a set of tools for the rapid application of protective measures, the discovery of the debtor's property, as well as the final enforcement of judicial acts (enforcement proceedings).

Concern Dialog law firm offers the following services:

  • Representation in civil cases, including:
    • disputes arising from contracts, including the obligation to perform contracts in kind, confiscation of money, compensation for damages, termination of contracts, etc.,
    • requirements related to the validity of transactions,
    • claims for damages,
    • disputes arising from marital and family relations,
    • disputes arising from employment relations, as well as disputes related to the termination thereof,
    • disputes related to the recognition and protection of property,
    • other corporate disputes between shareholders,
    • cases under special proceedings,
    • proceedings with applications for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial acts and decisions of foreign arbitral tribunals.
  • Representation in administrative cases, including:
    • representation to appeal administrative acts, actions or inaction of administrative bodies (tax, customs, local self-government bodies, ministries, departments, etc.) by way of superiority,
    • representation in the administrative court with claims for a challenge, enforcement, the performance of an action, recognition, as well as participation in cases examined under special proceedings of the administrative court,
  • defence in criminal cases,
  • representation in the Bankruptcy cases examined by the Court of Bankruptcy of the Republic of Armenia,
  • representation in the RA Civil, Administrative and Criminal Courts of Appeal,
  • representation in the RA Court of Cassation,
  • representation in enforcement proceedings, including enforcement proceedings for securing a claim,
  • representation in an arbitration court (local or foreign),
  • representation in the dispute settlement phase.

The provision of judicial representation services includes the preparation of the necessary court documents (lawsuit, position, application, objection, motion, appeal, cassation appeal, response to the lawsuit, etc.), participation in court hearings, conduct of negotiations (in case of necessity), the performance of inquiries and other actions necessary to obtain evidence and other necessary actions.

1 Charents str., Office 207 Yerevan, 0025, Armenia

+374 60 27 88 88 +374 10 57 51 21

1 Charents str., Office 207 Yerevan, 0025, Armenia

+374 60 27 88 88 +374 10 57 51 21